16 Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

By | February 15, 2019

Galley kitchen is one of most popular kitchen design, today. It uses the small kitchen space effectively and it makes you easier to cook, because everything was designed to be easier to reach.

Some of galley kitchen design ideas use many colors and material in its design. But, the common material that you can find on most galley kitchen is wood. Wood is simple and can be used with any material. The natural color of wood will give the galley kitchen a classic look, while to make it looks more modern, you just need to paint it with neutral color.

The other important thing is lighting. Because galley kitchen use small room space or it’s more like a hallway, the lighting is limited. Both of the wall is used for kitchen furniture and cooking tool. So, the lighting is coming from the smaller side of the room.

Therefore, many galley kitchen designs use whole wall on the small size wall side or lot of lamp. For window lighting source, it also can be used as the source of light for plant decoration in galley kitchen. The plant gives some natural touch in the room, so, the smaller space of galley kitchen will feel more comfortable.